Official PLD's FAQ:

Console tricks

How to take a X screenshot
  • using ImageMagick:
    $ import -window root screenshot.jpg
  • using Scrot:
    $ scrot ’%Y-%m-%d_$wx$h.png’ -e ’mv $f ~/shots/’
    # It will create 2000-10-30_2560x1024.png and moved it to ~/shots/
How to rename multiple files
  • $ for i in /path/filename.*; do mv "$i" `echo "$i" | sed 's/filename/renamefile/'`; done
How to change a console when function keys are disabled
  • $ sudo chvt x # x - number of virtual console
How to execute an action on every file found by find
  • $ find -name *.cs -exec grep -n -H --color 'apud' {} \;
How to use echo command with sudo, but without using root's shell
  • $ echo "test"|sudo tee -a /etc/hosts >> /dev/null



Forgotten root's password

Add to lilo/grub during boot

init=/bin/bash rw

ex.: lilo:

pld init=/bin/bash rw

When grub is used add it to line


After password changing (passwd):


Then remount / partition in read-only mode

mount / -o remount,ro

Poldek and rpm

How to uninstall a package when poldek return exit status 127?
  • rpm -e --noscripts package
How to install a group of pacgages, but without -devel packages?
  • poldek --ignore "*devel*" -i "kde4-kdegam*" 
How to find a package, which contain specific file

In poldek's interactive mode:

  • poldek://all-avail> search -f *aplay*
How to disable 'skiptag - s' in poldek

1. Upgrade all rpm-* oraz poldek-* packages

  • poldek:/all-avail> upgrade rpm-* poldek-*

2. If point one hasn't solved the problem:

  • # rm -rf /var/lib/rpm/__db.00*
    # rpm --rebuilddb 


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